Let’s Talk Chop®

Although Perry’s is known for its butcher-fresh USDA-aged Prime beef, it is truly famous for its amazing seven-finger pork chop, a recipe perfected over three decades by the Perry family. Measuring seven-fingers high, the prime cut is hand selected, roasted, slow smoked and caramelized. It is then finished in the oven and topped with Perry’s Herb-Garlic butter before being carved tableside.

The carving process is something Perry’s takes very seriously, dividing the Chop into three main parts – the eyelash, loin, and ribs. Each server starts the carving process with the eyelash, the name Perry’s has given to the top portion found above what is traditional called the eye of the chop. This is the juiciest part, followed by the loin, which is carved second. Round out the trio of a dicers and delicious pork experience are the ribs; a fan favorite.

Watch owner Chris Perry demonstrate the carving in real time!

Carving The Famous Chop

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